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About Noah Smith

Noah earned his Bachelor's Degree in Communication from Northwestern University in 1993, and has continued his education with a concentration in Accounting.  He is a Certified Public Accountant licensed by the California State Board of Accountancy.

He is an open book of tools and strategies that can be used to improve efficiency, be more successful, and effectively empower individuals and businesses alike.  Noah’s philosophy is that if you teach individuals and business owners how to understand their own finances, they can then save money, make educated decisions, and—most importantly—know when they need to ask for advice. Noah’s greatest professional achievement is the rapport he’s established and maintained with his clients.  They depend on him and he thrives on exceeding their expectations.

Noah is highly knowledgeable when it comes to his job, and he is passionate about continuing his education. His knowledge is consistently up to date in the areas of Taxation, Accounting, Business Development, Ethics, and much more. Noah has extensive knowledge with many software programs including QuickBooks, Movie Magic Budgeting and Microsoft Excel.

Noah enjoys traveling, hiking, and rooting for the Chicago Cubs.  He appeared as a freshman on the Jeopardy! College Tournament in April 1990.